Reviewing of the articles | Издательство офтальмология

Reviewing of the articles

The articles, entering the editorial office, are subject to some stages of reviewing.

At the first stage the science editor of the journal evaluates the entering articles, then each article is sent to the independent experts for the profile. The author of the article does not know a name of the reviewer.

Reviewers are the leading scientists in the sphere of ophthalmology.

After the detailed study of the article, including urgency, scientific novelty and the importance for clinical practice, reviewers mark the benefits of the article and the notes are given in the written form.

If the review is positive on the whole, but contains any notes, the copy of the review and the initial version of the article is delivered to the author for the follow-on revision.

After the revision the author brings/sends the corrected version of the article which again is passed to the reviewer for examination. If the report is positive, the article goes to the manuscripts in editor’s hand, if there are any notes — again to the author for the follow-on revision. All the process of the dialogue between the author and the reviewer is reflected in the passport of the article.

If the review is negative, the covering letter is made up by the science editor and sent to the author with a copy of the review .

In disputable cases the second reviewer is involved into the process.

At the last stage the editor-in-chief of the journal evaluates the articles of the manuscripts in editor’s hand.