For placement of the article in the journal “Russian ophthalmology of children” | Издательство офтальмология

For placement of the article in the journal “Russian ophthalmology of children”

    For placement of the article in the journal and also a network on-line version of the journal at the web-site «Russian ophthalmology on-line» You should:

1. Prepare the text of your work as an electronic file in Word format in compliance with the recommendations for authors.
The author is fully responsible for correctness, completeness and credibility of information contained in the manuscript, scientific and methodical level. The Editorial board is responsible for edition (revision, layout, design) of the manuscripts meeting the requirements. When preparing the article You should observe the standards of publishing ethics.

2. Fill in the application for publication.
Attention! When sending the application for publication the author (authors) confirms (confirm) the observation of main ethical principles.
The scan of application for publication filled in and signed by all the authors is sent to the editorial board.

3. You should attach to the application in separate files:
3.1. Abstract in English (The abstract interprets the article completely point by point: research objective, materials and methods, results and conclusions) and key words – 5-6 words (key words interpret the article and also contribute to indexing of the article in information retrieval systems).
3.2. Text of the article and list of references (bring the main literature or the other references used when writing the article) (Recommendations for the authors).
3.3. Fine arts.

Requirements for the text of the article.
1. Volume of manuscript including tables is 10 typewritten pages, font size is 14, in 1.5 space with 2.5 cm margins.
All the pages should be numbered.
2. You should specify in the work:
article heading (concise and laconic) meeting the work objective;
initials and surnames of the authors;
company name, where the work has been performed; city.
3. Mathematical and chemical formulas should be written legibly and have relevant notes.
4. In the text there must be references to all the used fine arts (at the end of the sentence enclosed by parentheses).
5. Tables, figures, charts, schedules, diagrams should be presented with legends on separate pages at the end of the text.

Technical requirements to fine arts.
Black and white or color illustrations in digitalised form may be attached to the text.
1. Diagrams, charts, schedules should be performed using vector graphic programs (Illustrator) and stored in *.eps format. Otherwise there qualitative reproduction is not guaranteed.
Files with diagrams, charts, schedules and line drawings performed in WORD, EXEL or PAWER POINT programs, should be also presented in PDF format (for validation of display image).
2. Scanned photos should be in *.jpg, *.tif formats with 300 dpi resolution in scale of 100%.

The materials should be sent to E-mail :
Author’s corrections
• Author’s corrections cannot be introduced into the made-up dummy.
• Editorial board reserves the right to introduce corrections into the article and to publish it as a brief message with consent of the authors.
• Manuscripts not admitted to publication are not sent back to the authors.
• The articles without filled application, non-complying with these requirements, without covering letters or sent by fax are not taken into consideration.

Regarding all the questions You should call on the phone: +7 499 488 89 25, +7 499 488 84 27
E-mail : or publish_

Postal address: Beskudnikovskiy blvd, 59a, Moscow, 127486, Russia.